Pictimonial App

Client: Yodle

Project:  Design a product to help Yodle's small business customers collect reviews to feature on their website to help improve organic search engine rankings.

Approach:  We came up with the idea for an app that small businesses could use to get picture testimonials, or Pictimonials, from their happy customers.   We ended up developing & releasing apps for both Android & iOS.

How it works

1. Snap it

After fixing Dave's lock, Mike the locksmith asks Dave to pose for a "happy customer" photo and takes his picture using the Pictimonial app on his Android phone

3. Click it

Dave clicks on the emailed link to view his photo and is prompted to write a review about Mike's business.

2. Email it

Mike asks his customer Dave for his email so that he can send him a link to the photo.


4. Add it

Mike adds the Pictimonial widget to his website so that prospective customers can see a photo gallery of his happy customers!

Business owner downloads app and can create their Pictimonial account in 2 simple steps


When the customer clicks their email to see a copy of their photo, they're taken to a page that asks them to help out by writing a review of the business!


All reviews submitted by customers automatically appear next  their photo on the business' website!

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