Yipit Travel & Yipit Delivered Minimum-Viable Products

Client:  Yipit

Project:  Yipit's founders wanted to understand the viability of two potential new products, and hired us to design two minimum-viable products to quickly gather customer data allowing them to understand how a foray into other verticals might perform alongside their existing "daily deals" product.  Both products were taken from concept, to launch, to analysis in less than a month.

My Role:  Product Manager, MVP Design, Success Criteria

UX & Visual Design by Kristen Smith.  See more of her lovely designs for this project here & here.

Yipit Delivered Landing Page MVP

Yipit Travel Daily Email MVP


One month after kicking off the project, we'd gotten our MVP designs approved, templates coded and had send out a statistically-significant sample to Yipit's newsletter subscribers, and we presented our results to the rest of the Yipit team over lunch.